Gourmet Mushrooms

At Twin Bridge Farm we grow several varieties of gourmet mushrooms including Pioppino, Bears head, Chestunts, Blue, Phoenix, Pink and Golden Oysters to name a few. You will find our mushrooms at many of the top restaurants in Nashville.

We also grow medicinal mushrooms.  Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake and Lions mane have some amazing benefits and  are a great addition to your diet and overall health.

If you're interested in our mushroom products, you'll find us at the Dickson, Bellevue and Clarksville Farmers markets. Check out our Facebook link below to see where we'll be. We also have some products available for shipping.


Rescue mules

We've begun to convert our pastures into safe havens for our rescue mules.

Ruby and Willie can be found roaming the property - eating, drinking and living their best life. They are learning to ride, and one day in the future may pull a cart. Their singing is pretty interesting when it's feeding time.

BTW, 'stubborn as a mule' is real!


We have a 1100 square foot cottage on the farm available for guests.  It's a 2 bedroom 1 bath totally renovated space.  The views of the woods and stream are great. This is a working farm, so don't be surprised if a chicken sings after laying an egg, or our mules, geese, cows or pigs greet you as you come and go.

Kentucky Lake is 5 minutes away with great fishing and boating. Loretta Lynn's ranch is within 20 miles and Nashville is just over an hour. If you're looking for some rest and relaxation, this the the place for you.

All reservations are handled thru AirBNB.  Simply click this link and enjoy your stay!



Over one acre on a perfect hill behind the house has been transformed into a vineyard. Cabernet, Merlot and Cab Franc are the grapes we've chosen in a hope to create our own Tennessee version of a Bordeaux blend. We also added Petite Syrah, Albariño and Sauvignon Blanc.

150 plants went in the ground in spring 2020 and another 200 in spring 2022. With a little luck we'll be stomping grapes in fall 2022 to create our first vintage.  That is if slugs, Japanese beetles, fungus, deer or other pests don't get them first.


Kunekune Pigs

KuneKune pigs are a great addition to our Twin Bridge Family.  These adorable Kunekune's are the perfect complement to our 40 acres.  Ginger, Mary Ann and Dolly are the matriarchs of the bunch.  The boys are 'The Three Amigo's' Dusty, Lucky and Ned.  Dusty and Lucky are the boars with Ned as their trusty sidekick barrow.

Unlike traditional hogs, Kunekune's are grazers. They are perfectly content to munch on pasture grass. They mature much slower, but produce meat that is richer and redder.

The girls will be ready to start having litters in Spring of 2023.  We plan to have an assortment of products available in early 2024, so stay tuned for details!



When you drive by Twin Bridge Farm, you are greeted by our gaggle of geese.  Over the winter, you'll find our layers - but in summer there can be 50-75 'honkers'. They will be available for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner starting in 2023.  Details on how to order yours will be available in spring.

With almost 60 free range chickens on the farm, it's impossible to miss them.  When we say 'free range,' we mean 'run of the joint'.  They know most of the rules, but "don't use the porch as your commode" is unfortunately not one of them.  You'll find their eggs for sale at the Farmer's markets.

In addition to chickens, we raise quail.  With almost 40 layers, there is always an abundance of quail eggs.  They are smaller than a chicken egg, but have a large yolk and high vitamin content. We have them available at the Farmer's markets too!


Normande Cows

Rounding out the livestock at Twin Bridge Farm are 'Coco' and 'Chanel,' our two beautiful Normande cows.