At Twin Bridge Farm we grow some of Tennessee's best gourmet mushrooms. Many of Nashville's finest restaurants love our products and create some amazing dishes.  If you'd like to purchase a taste of the farm, below is a list of what we have available.

Click the email link and let us know what you'd like.  We'll reply with shipping costs along with payment options.  We accept credit cards, PayPal or Venmo.

Fresh Gourmet Mushrooms

We grow a huge variety of gourmet mushrooms.  Several varieties of oyster mushrooms are available in an assorted blend. Blue, Golden, Pink, Snow White, Phoenix, and Black Pearl to name a few.

We also grow Shiitake, Chestnut (cinnamon caps) and Lions mane.

Our fresh mushrooms are only available at our seasonal Farmers markets in Dickson, Clarksville and Bellevue.

$12 per pound


Dual Extract Tinctures


The best way to get the full medicinal benefits from a mushroom is to extract it through alcohol and heat.  A dropper full under your tongue one to three times per day is all you need.  Each mushroom provides a little different benefit so we've you can choose based on your needs.

Reishi - Promote liver cell regeneration, boost immune system, alleviate fatigue, regulate blood sugar, high in antioxidants, allergy fighting, strengthen health agains cancer.

Maitake - Boost immure system, antiviral, regulate blood sugar, rich in antioxidants, strengthen health against cancer.

Turkey Tail - packed with antioxidants, naturally strengthen immune system, commonly used as anti-cancer agents in tandem with chemo and radiation .

Lions Mane - Nervous system, anxiety/depression, anti inflammatory, intestine, cognitive.

Shiitake - Anti microbial, immune boost, all essential amino acids, promote skin health, support cardiovascular.

Sync - A combination of all five! Perfect for overall health

$20 per 2 oz bottle


If a tincture is not your preference, we have created SYNC-100.  A blend of ground Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake Turkey Tail and Lions mane.

Mix 1/2 tsp into coffee, tea, yogurt or any dish you'd like the benefits of these amazing mushrooms.

$30 per 100 gram tin


Twin Bridge Mocha

A better morning routing - coffee with benefits! We have created a mocha coffee with all of our mushrooms with medicinal qualities.  Made with Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, Lions mane, oyster mushrooms, espresso, cacao, coconut milk, coconut sugar, sugar and Himalayan sea salt. It's instant, but you can also add a teaspoon to your coffee to get the flavor and mushroom goodness!

$5 (small 5 cup) $20 (large 20 cup)